Our Services - Disaster Recovery Consulting and Staffing Solutions in Construction/Engineering and Insurance.
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Our Services

Our services cut across different spheres and aspects
Engineering Services

We are determined to shape the future together with our team of dedicated workers. Mylatech has all engineering capabilities.

Construction Services

Mylatech is known for its ability to successfully and perfectly execute the toughest and most challenging construction projects.

Diversified Services

Experience in logistics and maintenance has allowed Mylatech to manage numerous disasters such as: earthquakes, hurricanes, man-made hazards (similar to the Capitol Hill Anthrax event), and other natural disasters.

Key Capabilities

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to: Building codes and compliance − Chemical, biological, and radiological response and removal − Disaster response and recovery – Risk assessments and modeling

Engineering Services

Engineering could be mechanical, electrical, structural, or civil. Mylatech has all these engineering capabilities duly distributed amongst our workforce. As experts in engineering and design, Mylatech offers services on engineering such as project management, human resource management, resource allocation, and budgeting.

Project Management

Mylatech handles projects of all kind effectively and efficiently, regardless of the time limit. We believe that creating a positive work environment is key to a high-performance team.

Human Resource Management

We have the capability of managing, training, and motivating workers for business development. Our managers are successful advocates with the natural ability to lead, driven with the passion for creating a high-performance team.

Resource Allocation and Budgeting

This is a vital aspect in engineering; We can effectively allocate resources to be used for your projects by assigning and distributing the available resources in the right way. With Mylatech, trust your engineering and project designs to be handled effectively.

Construction Services

Mylatech is known for its ability to successfully and perfectly execute the toughest and most challenging construction projects. With a team full of highly experienced workers with great skill and expertise, Mylatech seeks to attain construction excellence. We carry out global construction and make use of high-quality materials for projects. Mylatech specializes in modularization, welding, and constructability.


To ensure our construction services are top notch, we create career opportunities and training for persons who are duly qualified in some specifications to join us. This ensures your project is quality and delivered safely.


During construction, Mylatech ensures the safety of workers on and off site. Your project would perfectly be safe to use after construction. We practice and adhere strictly to safety rules as construction projects need carefulness and a high rate of safety. Mylatech create a work plan with sector-based goals to achieve key milestones.

Diversified Services

As aforementioned, the services of MylaTech cuts across various spheres and aspects. These aspects are:

We ensure that materials to be used are transported safely to the project site.


We indulge in on and off-site maintenance to cut down risk and improve safety.

Staff Mobilization & Training

We embark on staff training, and mobilization to keep our staff highly professional.

Supervising & Planning

We specialize in project planning, construction, supervision, quality, and control.

Safety Management

We keep safety as our watchword. Workers practice safety in all operations.


Mylatech handles all kinds of operations, including day to day operations.


Our managers are well skilled to give advice related to all of our offered services.

Disaster Relief

We provide disaster relief services to the US DHS Federal Emergency Agency.

Procurement & Fabrication

Mylatech is capable of delivering projects at a specified time. Leaders at our company have the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with key stakeholders at all levels. We carry out fabrication services with Project Execution Strategy and Technical Experts.


Mylatech has procurement expertise and market knowledge; we are able to procure quality materials and equipment to aid project success. We do this to ensure timely delivery.

Contract Management

Mylatech handles all contract projects effectively, being able to deliver critical contracts projects at the due time, and also meeting the objectives of the client.

Material Management

Material management is necessary for the success of every project. Mylatech, with its team of professional workers, has the ability to effectively manage project materials for the development of a project.


We transport project materials from supplier or manufacturer to project sites.

15 Years Of Experience in Strategy Planning

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