Careers - Disaster Recovery Consulting and Staffing Solutions in Construction/Engineering and Insurance.
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MylaTech – Who We Are

We provide Technical Assistance to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in support of its mission under various sub-prime contracts for Public Assistance (PA). The Public Assistance program supports the recovery efforts of states, countries, municipalities, tribes and private non-profits.

Job Description

We are accepting resumes for various Independent Contractor Positions.  The positions will be embedded within FEMA to provide technical assistance that may include:

  • Conducting site visits and damage assessments of disaster-related damaged infrastructure
  • Collaborating with the State and local governments to develop scopes of work (SOW) and cost estimates for restoration of damaged infrastructure and for cost effective hazard mitigation measures
  • Working with the State and local governments to come to agreement on damage descriptions, scopes of work, and a cost estimates
  • Providing technical support and guidance on assessing damaged facilities, and grant formulation to ensure smooth delivery of the program to applicants.


Ability to mobilize within 24-48 hours, commit to a minimum 90-day assignment in remote locations and disaster conditions.

Preferred Qualifications

Persons with construction-related experience a plus, such as, civil engineers, construction managers, construction estimators, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, environmental engineers/planners, coastal engineers, site inspectors and architects.


Must be able to pass a background investigation (no unfavorable issues within the last 7 years such as DUI, felony or alcohol and drug abuse).  This process can take up to two months to receive a security clearance – your patience during this process is expected and appreciated.


Aggressive compensation based on credentials, experience, and degrees. In general, the pay ranges between $30 and $100/hour and is dependent on background, experience and to be decided classification and skill level.  Per diem (food and lodging), and rapid reimbursement at GSA rates apply to all staff living greater than 50 miles from duty station.

Amount of Travel Required

100% travel required. Must be willing to relocate. Rotation to place of residence reimbursed and allowed every 30-45 days, depending on details outlined on SOW.

Desired Experience

Architectural Historians
Certified Flood Plain Managers
Certified Public Accountants
Civil Engineers
Coastal Engineers
Commercial Property Insurance
Computer Specialists
Construction Inspectors
Construction Managers
Electrical Engineers
Environmental Engineers
Environmental Planners
Financial Analysts
General Planners
Graphic Artists
Health Scientists
Historic Architects
Hydraulic Engineers
Industrial Hygenists
Mechanical Engineers
Policy Advisors
Project Managers
Sanitary Engineers
Soil/Geotechnical Engineers
Structural Engineers
Technical Writers
Water Quality Specialits
Wetland Specialists

Apply Now

Which of these positions have you already served in? Please select all that apply.