About the Company - Disaster Recovery Consulting and Staffing Solutions in Construction/Engineering and Insurance.
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About the Company

Learn about us and work
High Rise Building

About Us

Professionalism is the watchword of business, and this is why we attach it to our name. A professional company gets your job done at the right time. There are so many companies out there with different objectives and goals. Introducing to you one of the highest ranked construction companies is MylaTech.

Who Are We?

We are a professional company with over 30 years of experience in capital and operational construction projects. Widely known for the unique services we render, we are a company that provides and gives technical support to the US DHS Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We particularly support the FEMA’s mission of contracts for Public Assistance program and policy.


For the love of professionalism, we also specialize in training PA FEMA employees to ensure their expertise in the work they do. We help them by improving their technical knowledge and general skill. Skilled in enhancing career growth, we also offer career opportunities to those who are enthusiastic about changing the world positively.


We are your number one company for construction and consultation as our services cuts across several spheres such as resource allocation, budgeting, trainings, disaster recovery, people and project management, leadership and so much more.


Mylatech directs and leads others to successfully meet agreed key milestones. We have the ability and capability to clearly, efficiently, and effectively manage or communicate with key stakeholders at virtually all levels.

Teaching Moment
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Why Choose Us?

Mylatech is a company that works with all effort to ensure that it supports employees. We do this by listening to their needs, being fair to them in addition to respect and continuous training to enhance their career growth. In essence, if our employees grow and progress, the same goes for our clients too, and at the end of the day, everyone is satisfied to have achieved his goal.

We also offer career opportunities. We offer project-based training opportunities and support you all through your life’s career goals.

Career Opportunities

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