Terms & Conditions - Disaster Recovery Consulting and Staffing Solutions in Construction/Engineering and Insurance.
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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Mylatech.

In the course of using our site, there are terms you need to read and fully understand. By using the Mylatech site, you agree to all our Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you may not use the site.


About Our Site

Mylatech  is a support service and consultation company. This site contains information about Mylatech and its affiliates. Mylatech will manage any personal information we collect on this site according to our site privacy policies.



Visitors to this site are not allowed to make use of materials in this site in a way that puts them as our affiliate.


Intellectual Property

Every material and text found in this site are the sole property of Mylatech and should not be subject to copyright in any possible means owing to the fact that we are protected by copyright laws. You are not allowed to take or reuse any intellectual material.


General User Conduct

All our terms and conditions should be strictly adhered to by visitors to this site. You are not allowed to share harmful links to this site; links with viruses, links that lead to obscene content and the likes of it. Mylatech is not open to any kind of spam, and users should be fully aware of that.


Practices that threaten the site and other visitors to the site should not be indulged in. Every illegal practice on this site is hereby discouraged.


Mylatech duly hopes that users of this site adhere strictly to our terms and conditions while we keep devising more ways to give you an enjoyable user experience.


No Warranties

Users of this site are not warrantied in any way at all. Every activity performed in this site by any user is at his own risk. Mylatech does not guarantee you that there would be no errors or mishaps. Mylatech would not be held responsible for any issues as regards this website. In the meantime, however, we would try as much as possible to protect your safety.


If by any means you find a course to keep having issues on this site, the available remedy may be to stop using the site entirely.