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Privacy Policy

This page is to inform all visitors to this website of our policy as regards to the use and disclosure of personal information.

Use Of Your Information and Sharing Your Information

Your personal information is highly confidential and is only used for our website improvement. By using this site, you agree to our terms and conditions in accordance with this policy.


The information we automatically collect as you visit our site may include your type of web browser, IP address, time of visit, duration, and operating system. Also, if you send us an email, every information regarding your email address will be collected as well as the message content. If you choose to work with us and fill out our form, the information will be retained with us.


We respect and have regard for your personal information, and this is exactly why it is highly confidential. We would, however, not disclose your private information. We will only store data that is allowed by law.


Mylatech may ask a few questions and also collect information, data, and statistics for the sole purpose of site analysis, improvement, and management. We may also use the information to analyze the activities of visitors to our site.


Bear in mind, however, that we may share your information to:

  • Our affiliates
  • Our web developers
  • Third party service providers
  • Our site programmers and any other technicians we work with, in the course of improving and developing our site.


Any other thing asides that cannot be linked to Mylatech.


Other Links

Mylatech may contain links to other websites and pages. Mylatech is not responsible for the collection of data, privacy, and personal information on such websites.

In this same regard, Mylatech is not responsible for any information you may share to those sites. Mylatech is only accountable to happenings on this site and as such, users of this site are at their own risk should they use the links not associated with Mylatech.


Change Of Policy

As we keep advancing and progressing, we may revise and change our privacy policies so note that we are open to change. We are open to change because technology is not static; we have to be as dynamic as the modern world.


Your Rights

As a citizen, you have the legal rights to delete and erase your personal information and collected data from our site. We do not coax people to this site, as long as your activities are highly legal, you are always free to use the site